Phase Two...Remodeling the Guitarmaking Room!!!

June 16, 1999 . . . I just built a five-foot workbench to line one side of my guitar room. I'd never made one before -- it was fun! Took me a day to do it. The top is a two-by-four frame with 3/4" particle board and tempered masonite on top and 1/2" plywood underneath. All the rest is two-by-fours, with a 5/8" particle board bottom shelf. (I could always use more storage in this little house!)


The left half of the workbench will be used as my "go-bar" deck.

I'm going to build another workbench. That 2 ' by 4 ' top lying on the floor is where the second workbench will be. With two benches, I'll have plenty of room to work and store things!

And here it is...the second workbench! This one is four feet long.

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